If you are planning to visit your friend’s wedding and you are looking for the kitchen appliance to give her a wedding present then there are various kitchen appliances present in the market which you can purchase at a reasonable rate to bring a smile on your friend’s face. Try to give the couple something special so that she will remember this day. We have a solution for your problem, you can check out these kitchen appliances which we have listed below and selected the best appliance to give your friend on her wedding.


There are variety of kitchen appliances that you can gift to the wedding couple including chapati maker, gas range, electric chopper and many others as well depending upon your budget, below we have listed the best of the kitchen appliances that you can give them.

Rice Cooker

Rice is the meal which is cooked on a daily basis as this is the most versatile food. So as a wedding gift, the rice cooker is the best device or a kitchen appliance which help you friend while cooking for the dinner as well as while preparing lunch. You can serve rice with any of the gravy or even with dal. There are various recipes available in the market with the rice. The rice cooker is very versatile and easy to use appliances which cook rice quickly. For convenience, you can also set a timer for the rice cooker to cook rice perfectly.

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer is another popular kitchen appliance which can perform multiple functions and you can use this appliance for various dishes. This device is the versatile device which comes with various attachments including the ice maker, grinder, slicer, meat grinder, pasta maker. If your budget is high then instead of purchasing other kitchen appliance, go for the stand mixer which you can use for multiple functions. Kitchen Aid mixers is the best stand mixer which you can buy from the online market or from the outlet stores. You can also use this appliance for kneading dough, and mashing potatoes also.

Coffee Maker

You can also gift your friend a coffee maker, there are various coffee makers available in the market including the standard coffee makers and espresso makers which you can purchase according to your requirements as there are various ranges available in the market. Before purchasing any of the coffee makers, you will find various options available which offer you a single cup coffee maker to 12-cup coffee maker which you can choose according to your requirements. If you are looking for the special gift then the coffee maker is the best option. You can also buy an espresso machine if you want to add luxury in your friend’s morning.