Once the scan window is closed please once more look into the most window for CIS. For the section labeled Auto-Sandbox left-click the text next to HIPS that reads “Safe Mode” and alter this to Disabled. My configuration can truly not need you to change the HIPS. This version of Comodo web Security is meant in such the simplest way that you just can do a similar quantity of security while not sanctioning the HIPS. Everything we’ll would like is truly currently contained among the Auto-Sandbox, which can give way fewer popups. No action is needed on your half as long as you already followed my recommendation concerning a way to make sure that your pc isn’t infected. The sole reason I raise you to try and do this now’s that it’ll facilitate create Comodo web Security a bit quicker and fewer resource intensive than it otherwise would fare. Once the rating scan is complete you’ll shut the rating scan window while not selecting any action for the files, unless you’d wish to take away some dangerous files or trust some unknown files that you recognize to be safe.

Then once more flip the screen to induce to the Tasks window. Then head to the section for “Firewall Tasks” and click on the choice for “Stealth Ports”. Within the window that pops up click the choice to “Block Incoming Connections”. Then head to the section for “Advanced Tasks” and once more click on the icon for “Open Advanced Settings”. Underneath the section named “User Interface” deselect the box named “Show messages from COMODO Message Center”. This can stop CIS from displaying any advertisements. Whereas during this same space you’ll be able to additionally prefer to disable the sounds that CIS currently plays once an alert is shown, if you would like. After you are done choose alright to save your changes and shut the window. Then leave this window open and still the subsequent steps. We’ll use this window to complete the remainder of the changes which can be created to the configuration. I even have broken the remainder of the recommendation into that that is applicable for every of the most elements of Comodo web Security.

Both the firewall and therefore the antivirus will mechanically sandbox programs that are not recognized by the information. However, this feature is enabled by default within the antivirus, disabled within the firewall. A sandboxed program runs during a virtual atmosphere, unable to for good amendment necessary system areas. After you empty the sandbox, all virtualized changes vanish. You’ll be able to actively launch any program within the sandbox, or open a completely virtualized desktop, isolated from the regular desktop. It’s just like the SafePay desktop. A package firewall works within the same approach, however while not the physical unit. You download internet explorer 11 the package and set up it to strain info to and from your laptop. Corporations typically use firewalls to stop their workers from accessing bound websites or from causing inappropriate email communications. Some folks, however, use a firewall to solely filter in exactly one Direction from the web. This protects them from unauthorized intrusions from unscrupulous players. The most feature of the virtualized desktop is that the Comodo Dragon browser. By virtualizing your on-line transactions, you shield them from manipulation by alternative processes. The Dragon browser includes a helpful assortment of bonus apps, among them a media downloader, a price-comparison tool, and a tool for quickly sharing or looking out text from web content. If you wish you’ll be able to ensure that Defense+ is chosen. Then, underneath this click on Sandbox so Sandbox Settings. From this you’ll prefer to disable the choice to “Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs”.